Quality of life

Quality of life

If we had to say just one thing that says what HOPE is about, we’d say “quality of life”.

When a person’s life is out lurching of control, say because of drugs or alcohol, their relationships suffer, they miss out on the good times with friends and family and their life goals slip away. Increasingly they spend their time being desperate and miserable. That’s not quality of life.

Maybe they are young, perhaps Aboriginal, and feeling increasingly isolated and hopeless; compare that with a life of engagement, belonging and advancement.

A quality life is fulfilling, it’s marked by friendship and love, it includes fun, challenge and achievement.

Whatever the issues, it’s our goal to help people make their way past the problems and towards the life they want, that enriches them and the people around them.

HOPE adopts a person-centred approach and recognises that every individual has different needs.

Our work can take the form of counselling, rehabilitation, outreach or assistance with youth justice services; it can be different for each person we engage with, just as they are unique.

The journey may not be easy, or short, but HOPE is up for it, if you are.

What is “quality of life”?

It’s different for everyone, but some of the important things are:

  • Satisfaction with what you are doing
  • Meaningful activity, that relates to other people.
  • Challenge, and a sense of achievement.
  • A secure, comfortable place to live.
  • Enough money. Just enough.
  • Friends you spend time with, who look out for you – and you for them.
  • To love, and be loved.
  • To be respected, and to respect others.
  • Family.
  • Health; physical, mental and emotional.
  • Some fun and enjoyment, best shared with others.
  • To be happy with yourself.
  • Goals and a practical plan to achieve them.
  • A hobby or interest.
  • Regular activity.
  • Belonging, joining, contributing.
  • Committing and following through.
  • A sense of place and history
  • Forgiving and moving on.
  • To be in control of your life.

Some things are very destructive of quality of life:

  • Hate.
  • Grudges.
  • Dreams of revenge.
  • Loss of control.
  • Not planning and doing to make life better.
  • Giving up hope for life to be better.
  • Letting friends and family slip.
  • Not helping others when they need it.
  • Not caring about yourself, or others.