Hope Springs Community Farm

Hope Springs Community Farm

Hope Springs Community is open! For more information about the Farm and to leave your details with us please contact us at hopesprings@hopecs.org.au or call 08 9926 1987 during office hours.

Hope Community Services offers a holistic, person-centred long-term residential program for people affected by their alcohol or other drug misuse. The program is based on the Therapeutic Community model of care, which is characterised by a highly socialised and participatory environment. Residents are engaged in vocational and life skills training through active social enterprises that enable them to be central in their own journey to a more fulfilling life.

Working on farm projects, connecting with the local community and undertaking work skills training are key aspects of the program. Residents receive hands-on training, some of which can be accredited, and can learn about a range of vocations including horticulture, handicrafts (such as jewellery making and woodworking) or even artisan bread-making.  Each day, the emphasis is on living and working together to build resilience and confidence to deal with the issues that have led to alcohol and drug dependency. The program also features group, peer, and individual counselling and coordinated free time activities. In this setting, it is the community itself, and the relationships that are created within it, that are the catalysts for change.

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For more information please contact us at hopesprings@hopecs.org.au or call 08 9926 1987 during office hours.

Transitional Housing and Support Program (THASP) (No referral taken from the public for this service)

HOPE provides a secure and independent space in Geraldton for graduates of HOPE’s Therapeutic Community Program. THASP residents are able to remain connected to the network of support and friendships they have built through their time in the program, whilst establishing themselves in the community and preparing for their future through work, study and other pursuits.  Ongoing support is provided as part of the THASP program.