The benefits of sponsoring HOPE

A sponsorship is something more than a donation; it’s ongoing and higher value. The best sponsorships are those where both of us have common goals.

You might for example decide that your organisation wants to give something back to the community, and you’d like that to be in drug rehabilitation. We can work out a program or section of a program that meets your goals and your budget: HOPE delivers the program under your sponsorship. You can tell your clients and other stakeholders how you are putting back into the community and give them examples of results. We can generate stories for your newsletters, website and social media, that demonstrate your organisation’s real community involvement and impact.

The area you want to work in may be directly related to what you do. For example, if you sell to younger people, you might want to work with homeless youth. That’s an area we’re active in. You might be able to connect us to your audience, perhaps in joint events. Telling your wider audience the work you are doing and supporting will help you connect with them emotionally, building a bond based on your demonstrated concern.

We’d like to say, we’re good people to work with if you want to really make a difference and show your target groups that you really are a good corporate citizen, acting on real care.

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