Is HOPE worthy of your donation?

Some people don’t think HOPE is a very “attractive” cause for donations.

Our philosophy is to work where we can have the most impact, and that turns out to be at the pointy end of social dislocation and personal desperation. We work with people who have problems with drugs and alcohol, crime and mental health. Some of the clients we work with have learned only one defence against the many knocks they’ve received, and that’s to hit back. To some people that makes them seem ungrateful, even unworthy. We don’t see it like that.  We work with people to help them learn resilience and self care.

Usually we can’t even promote our success stories, because we can’t reveal the identities of our clients. We haven’t invested much in traditional promotion, especially “big ticket” items like bequest programs and society functions: urgent program needs have always come first.

There’s not even a donate button on this website.

If you’d like to push through all that and put some of your money where it will make the most difference, working with the people who most need your help, please contact us. We won’t chase you.