Information for Professionals

Health and social work professionals can refer clients direct to HOPE where they think the client could benefit.

You can advise them simply to phone their nearest location and ask to speak to a counsellor, but we do appreciate receiving a notification in writing (you could give it to the client) or by email,¬†especially if there is information that will be valuable to us in helping the client. With the client’s approval, we will keep you informed of what happens and progress made.

We work around  drugs and alcohol, mental well-being, the justice system and rebuilding lives. We have specialist services for youth and Indigenous people, that are based on acknowledgment and respect.

Most of our services are free to clients, some have means-tested fees attached.


Sometimes you just need someone to listen.
Help when it's needed.
Fun, challenging activities should be part of everyone's life.
Bringing families together.
Help with alcohol and other drugs.