Information for organisations

Information for organisations

HOPE works in some of the most difficult areas: drugs and alcohol, mental well-being, the justice system and rebuilding lives. We have specialist services for youth and Indigenous people.

We invest in these areas because that’s where we can make the most difference. We’re very successful at helping people build better lives for themselves – an outcome that also brings a massive social and economic return.

We work in different ways with many other organisations:

Partnerships with other service providers, where we share resources to achieve common goals.

Sponsorships from supporters who resource us work in areas they want to support.

Businesses that supply HOPE and may work with us on joint venture projects or to help clients through work placement or training.

Government agencies who contract with us

Professionals who refer clients to us.

We’d like to say, we’re good people to work with if you want to help marginalised people who haven’t done well in life, but are ready to try. Check our mission, see what values we share.

If you’re interested, check out our people and governance.

We’re a well-managed organisation that invests in its people and managers, with a strong board.

Contact CEO Mick Geaney for a discussion, you can email or phone phone 08 6391 0450.

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