Client direct contact

Making the call

Don’t want to be quizzed and transferred? When you call you’ll most probably be answered by a receptionist. Simply say,

“Can I speak with a client counsellor, please”?

You might add,

“This is my first call.”

Your call will be put through to the next available counsellor, you won’t have to give any details.

If you don’t say it’s your first call, the receptionist will ask you if you have contacted HOPE about this matter before, and then who you dealt with. They will try to connect you with the same person, so they don’t have to ask you questions you’ve been through before, or at least inform a new counsellor that there will be an existing file for you.

We want to handle your call quickly, confidentially and without stress.

Who you’ll talk with

HOPE employs qualified, experienced professional counsellors. We resource them properly and ensure ongoing training and professional development.

We have a procedure that ensures any complaints about services we deliver are acted on, both to resolve the issue and to learn how to avoid similar problems in the future.

Perhaps the most important thing you should know about who you’ll talk with is why they are here: to help people solve issues and improve their quality of life. Not for profit. We are on your side; we succeed when you succeed.

What we want is for you to have a better quality of life.

But you have to take the first step. Make the call.

Here’s a list of phone numbers. Click the location name for more details. If you’re not sure, ring Head Office.

Head Office (Perth)  phone phone 08 6391 0450

Armadale                    phone 08 9497 9498

Esperance                   phone 08 9071 5169

Geraldton                   phone 9921 7409

Kalgoorlie                   phone 08 9021 3069

Laverton                     phone 08 9037 7661
and Leonora