Here you can read some of the stories from clients we have worked with.

Steph’s story*

For many years my wife and I and our family have struggled with our daughter’s addictive personality disorder and increasing distance and isolation from the family.

Over the years there have been limited and frustrating supports from various mental health facilities which just seemed like “Band-Aid” efforts.

One shining light was at St. Barts in Fremantle while Steph was “sleeping rough” and she struck up a wonderful relationship with a dedicated social worker called Bronwyn. She gave Steph hope and encouragement and assistance in many positive things as best she could, and Steph responded and loved to visit Bronwyn periodically, but Steph’s drinking still increased.

When Bronwyn left, Steph once again lost her way and for many years continued on a downward spiral with increasing self-medication. As her parents, we didn’t know what to do anymore and, sadly, had put a little money aside for her funeral, which we thought was inevitable.

We made many efforts to get various agencies involved but nothing lasted. Steph always seemed to end up back in her old ways.

Luckily, Steph was referred to Hope Community Services in Armadale. My wife and I noticed a real change in her. She seemed to gradually get her “spark” back. She was more motivated and loved going to HOPE, which was a long train journey for her at that time, and she loved to talk about the conversations she had with Dave, who she said made her feel positive and listened to, and made life seem more attainable, bit-by-bit.

She often commented how all the staff treated her respectfully. By listening to Steph talk about her conversations with Dave, we also, as her parents, were educated and encouraged. I loved to listen to her describe in positive detail how she was going to get her life back.

HOPE encouraged her in very positive ways and made Steph feel that someone was really concerned about her and understood her “demons” and that there was a light at the end of the tunnel.

Steph is currently at Hope Springs near Geraldton, where she continues to make a good recovery. Thank God for HOPE, and thank God for their pleasant and understanding staff, especially Dave. They are a real breath of fresh air after too many years feeling hopeless, and that’s not just Steph, but her family also.

We do not know what future lies ahead but we will continue to be as positive and supportive as we can and hopefully continue to have good connections with HOPE. HOPE provide a wonderful and vital service to the community, especially those in greatest need who otherwise would just be forgotten and “fall through the cracks”.

*Actual name changed